Community Connection

STEAMwork community connection

A photo of hands coloring on the story dice cube paper template
We're building story dice to become better storytellers.
Barbara smiles. She sits behind her table -- on her table are a variety of crafted cardboard buildings and structures that resemble a city landscape.
We're designing and building our dream communities. Let's get creative!
Christina smiles and stands in front of a community garden.
Learn about communal gardening and see how you can get involved!
A hand holding a painted rock with polka dots on it.
Find and paint little treasures to spark joy in your community!
Anna holds up a cup and drips food coloring into the cup.
Create your own safe-for-the-environment paint!
Get together with your family and friends and see how big and colorful of a hive you can create!
Create and decorate your own cards and envelopes to brighten someone’s day!
Keep spreading the joy, dreamers, by creating and sharing your own banners!
Domonique gets crafty with pretty patterned paper and invites us all to tell our own stories.