Climate Action Challenge

STEAMwork climate action challenge

Langley sits behind a table. On the table is a sign that reads
We're learning how we can help protect natural habitats.
Langley handles a reusable zip-top bag and a plastic bowl full of leftovers.
Do what you can to reduce the food waste in your house!
In today's mission, we're fighting greenhouse gases and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprints
There are thousands of Citizen Science projects going on throughout the world and YOU can get in on the action.
Special guest Ginger Zee from ABC News and Good Morning America joins us for today's challenge!
Join our friend Max, a real-life Water Warrior, in today’s STEAMwork climate action challenge.
This week’s mission: create a pollinator bath to protect and support pollinators of all kinds!
Print or make your own trash tracker and see just how much you can recycle this week.
Your mission: reduce, reuse, and recycle to create a t-shirt bag and help us save the trees!