Innovation Sandbox

Family starting the Climate Action Heroes floor quiz in the Innovation Sandbox exhibit

innovation sandbox

New and emerging experiences that challenge visitors to think outside of their immediate community will rotate through Innovation Sandbox, each being presented for two to three years at a time. Currently, Dreamers will expand their worldview by shooting bolts of lightning, making it rain, creating clouds, and more through Weather Worlds, an immersive digital experience created by Design I/O. Afterward, Dreamers will discover their inner Climate Action Hero.

recommended for ages 4-12

exhibit experiences

Innovation Sandbox at National Children's Museum

weather worlds

Created by Design I/O, this immersive digital experience will allow visitors to control the weather with a little magic (and green screen technology). A simple hand gesture or wave of the arm will trigger weather phenomena ranging from rain to tornadoes and blizzards. Children will gain superpowers that will allow them to manipulate and control the weather in front of them.

climate action heroes

Visitors will discover their special climate action superpower through a physical flow quiz experience. A maze of playful questions will determine which climate action hero visitors will become—Community Captain, Pollinator Patrol, Arbor Avenger, Water Warrior, or Mighty Meteorologist—empowering young learners to use their climate superpowers to affect positive change in their home, school, and community. Check out the digital experience at!

what is your child learning?

Social and emotional development (How are my actions connected to others?)

Making decisions and understanding the self

Expanding our world and understanding our surroundings (The natural and the man-made: What is a community?)

Cause and effect

where is this exhibit located?

The Innovation Sandbox is located on Floor 1, one level down from the main entrance, near Art + Tech and the Dream Machine.

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meet a STEAM expert!

The IF/THEN® Initiative is a national effort sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies® to inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers while creating a culture shift in how the world perceives women in STEM.

Victoria Herrmann

Victoria Herrmann, climate change expert

Wondering how you can apply the superpowers you discover in the Climate Action Heroes experience? Take Victoria for example, who uses her knowledge to help protect the Arctic region and its inhabitants.

Dr. Kimberley Miner

Dr. Kimberley Miner, climate scientist

As a climate scientist, Kimberley studies the extreme weather patterns you will influence in Weather Worlds, like wildfires and blizzards, and assesses how they will influence the Earth’s environment.