Moomin Animations: Thrills + Cuddles – Christmas with the Moomins

© Moomin Characters™ © Gutsy Animations 2021

© Moomin Characters™ © Gutsy Animations 2021

The Moomins sleep during winter – and so, they don’t know what Christmas is. However, in Tove Jansson’s short story The Fir Tree, the Moomin family is awakened from their winter sleep to encounter Christmas for the first time. They are taken aback by all the fuss they encounter when everybody is rushing to prepare for the big day. And yet, in typical Moomin fashion, they stumble on the true meaning of this festival. If you pay attention, you might learn something very important through this story.

Sit down, get cozy, and listen to a live-reading, followed by discussion, of this wonderful Christmas story. Then learn more about holiday traditions in Finland.

Recommended ages: 3+ (Please note, this event is for children.)
Duration: 30 minutes

This event will take place both virtually + in person.

  • To attend this event in person, you must reserve tickets to visit National Children’s Museum on December 11, 2021, during the morning session from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. At the time of the event, Museum staff will invite you to gather in the Moomin Animations – Thrills and Cuddles exhibit located in the Museum’s Visiting Exhibit Hall. You do not need to register for the event using the form below if attending in person.
  • To attend this event virtually on Zoom Webinar, please register using the below form. You will receive access credentials to join the virtual program ahead of the event.


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Moomins, the beloved fairytale creatures living in Moominvalley and created by Finnish author Tove Jansson, are the subject of a visiting exhibition at National Children’s Museum as of September. The exhibition, on loan from the world’s only Moomin Museum located in Tampere, Finland, showcases the universal values of the Moomins, such as equality, inclusion and respect for nature. The exhibition is brought to the United States by the Embassy of Finland in Washington D.C.


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Dec 11 2021


10:30 am