Tinkerers Studio

Two kids participating in an activity in the Tinkerers Studio

tinkerers studio

As the creative hub of National Children’s Museum, Tinkerers Studio invites visitors to take skills they have learned in the Museum and put them in action to design, create, build, and play. Join us for school field trips, family workshops, and birthday parties in this 21st-century learning lab.

recommended for ages 3-12

Children participating in the circuit blocks activity in the Tinkerers Studio

what’s happening in the studio?

2024 July
mid july – mid august
Tinkerers play, observe, and make connections between light and shadows as they create stories, scenes, and engage with a varying palette of materials and a source of light.
2024 August
mid september – late september
cardboard creations
Explore new techniques to create works of art using cardboard.
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what is your child learning?

Creative problem solving

Following curiosity to construct something new

Exploring, experimenting, and inventing

Building tangible things through engineering, math, and art

The design process

Exploring various materials and tools to build and create

Connecting art and design to STEM principles

Family engaging with an educator for programming in the Tinkerers Studio

Wind powered vehicles programming in the Tinkerers Studio

Two young girls working on circuit blocks with a Museum educator in the Tinkerers Studio

Two young girls building with found objects in the Tinkerers Studio

Outside view of the Tinkerers Studio

Family working on circuit blocks in the Tinkerers Studio

where is this exhibit located?

Tinkerers Studio is located on Floor 1, one level down from the main entrance, next to Engineering Games + Play and the Washington, DC, mural.

extra Museum resources

STEAMwork videos

STEAM Daydream with National Children’s Museum podcast

meet a STEAM expert!

The IF/THEN® Initiative is a national effort sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies® to inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers while creating a culture shift in how the world perceives women in STEM.

Jasmine Sadler

Jasmine Sadler, rocket scientist and dancer

In Tinkerers Studio you can do it all–just like Jasmine! Practice your design and build skills and explore new ways to communicate your ideas using art.