Sensory Play

STEAMwork sensory play

Hands hold knitting needles and yarn
We're activating our sense of touch in today's STEAMwork Sensory Play.
The shadow theater shows dark silhouettes of a rabbit and a moon.
We design cut-out puppets, build a shadow theater, and produce our very own play.
Water moves in a jar, resembling a tornado
We're making mini tornadoes in a jar!
Caitlin makes a rain stick
Learn how to create your own rain stick with Caitlin!
We're cracking, mixing, and kneading with Frances and Leo!
We could stare at these sensory bottles for hours. Follow along on our STEAMwork sensory play for glittery, mesmerizing fun!
Make your own cloud dough or kinetic sand, and learn about some of the fun chemistry.
Learn how to make your own bubble solution and help Barbara find the perfect homemade bubble wand.
Meera breaks down the mysterious forms of gloop, a mixture of cornstarch and water.