Nature Spotlight

STEAMwork nature spotlight

Pic of hands holding a mold and deckle, making a sheet of homemade paper
We're fighting habitat loss by creating our very own paper.
Domonique holds a telescope up to one of her eyes and looks at the sky.
What will you see when you make a telescope and look close?
Domonique spreads peanut butter on a toilet paper roll before she coats the roll with birdseed.
Give your feathered friends a tasty treat with this bird feeder!
Langley sits in her garden, about to do yoga.
Langley leads us through kid-friendly yoga inspired by nature itself.
A yard at dusk
We're finding beauty in the simplest of things - time!
Flowers are frozen in ice cubes
We're finding, freezing, and then rediscovering nature treasures through excavation!
Create beautiful scenes, fun animals, and whatever else you can imagine with materials from nature or what you have around
Join Frances and Leo on a colorful outdoor adventure! How many different colors can you find?
We’re moving our germinated seeds into a larger container to continue watching them grow!
Christina shows us how we can use everyday items in our pantry to start the germination process of growing plants.