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NCM Membership Options


As the National Children's Museum continues to plan for relocation to the District of Columbia in 2019, we want to ensure all members of the museum are included as an integral part of the transition. 

Though museum programing and select exhibits will continue over the course of the move through our recently announced "Museum on the Move" initiative, NCM membership fees will be placed on hold temporarily until operations resume at the new location and members can enjoy full benefits. 

During this time, existing members will have the opportunity to choose from three membership options:

  • Briefly pausing membership to resume after the museum reopens in DC
  • Converting remaining membership costs to a donation to NCM
  • Reimbursement for any remaining months of the membership that will go unused

Please contact Laurenne Sayles with your preferred membership option. 

We greatly appreciate your continued support, especially now as we embark on the next chapter for the museum in the District. 

More details about Museum on the Move programs and initiatives will be available at as our plans unfold, along with the latest updates on the relocation.

Thank you again for your continued support!


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