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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Planet

*Recycled Crafts Box: Sock puppets, Cardboard Castles, Bottle Bugs & 37 More Earth-Friendly Projects & Activities You Can Create
By Laura C. Martin 
With a little imagination, just about anything we think of as trash can be transformed into an art project good enough to give as a gift or to keep and treasure yourself. Master crafter Laura C. Martin shows kids how to make art out of the paper, plastic, metal, and cloth we usually consign to the recycling bin or the garbage can. Fun for kids, perfect for involved and homeschooling parents, and ideal for schoolteachers who have seen their art supply budgets slashed, Recycled Crafts Box shows budding artists how to make something beautiful and save the planet at the same time.
Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1580175228

*The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms
By Clare Walker Leslie
Nationally recognized naturalist and artist Clare Walker Leslie has been igniting kids curiosity about nature for more than 30 years. Her unique approach combines directed observational activities with journaling and field-note prompts that are designed to nurture the next generation of nature lovers and environmentalists. Sure to engage the whole family in outdoor fun and year-round nature activities, The Nature Connection will also stand as a permanent record of a child's unique sightings and experience with nature. 
Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781603425315

*Keeping a Nature Journal: Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing the World Around You
By Clare Walker Leslie
Reconnect with nature through sketching and writing with these simple methods for capturing the living beauty of each season. Clare Walker Leslie and co-author Charles E. Roth offer easy techniques, exercises, and prompts for all ages.
Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1580174930

Children’s Planet Earth Encyclopedia: Discover the Extremes of Our Wonderful World
By Jen Green
Discover the extremes of our wonderful world with this beautifully illustrated Children's Planet Earth Encyclopedia. This clear introduction to our wonderful world will help children comprehend interesting facts and intriguing information. Learn interesting topics such as the earth’s composition, weather, and more through this fascinating encyclopedia.
Parragon, Inc.
ISBN: 9781435119109

One Well: The Story of Water on Earth
By Rochelle Strauss, 
Illustrated by Rosemary Woods
Almost 70 percent of Earth's surface is covered with water. Every raindrop, lake, underground river and glacier is part of a single global well. Water has the power to change everything -- a single splash can sprout a seed, quench a thirst, provide a habitat, generate energy and sustain life. One Well shows how every one of us has the power to conserve and protect our global well.
Kids Can Press
ISBN: 9781553379546

One Child, One Planet: Inspiration for the Young Conservationist
By Bridget McGovern Llewellyn, Photographs by Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick
Children of all ages will be captivated by this loving tribute to Mother Earth, her gifts and her greatest concerns. Young or old, everyone’s actions make a difference. Charming prose and awe-inspiring photography are woven into a family treasure that will create excitement and responsibility toward the planet.
Emerald Shamrock Press LLC
ISBN: 9780984188000

This Is My Planet: The Kids’ Guide to Global Warming
By Jan Thornhill
Reports of global warming’s catastrophic effects are everywhere: in newspapers, on the nightly news, even on movie screens. The subject can be so overwhelming that young people are often left with the thought, What can I do? In This Is My Planet, Jan Thornhill gives young readers the tools they need to live their own lives more ecologically — and ultimately, to improve the life of the planet. The book takes a comprehensive look at climate change, beginning with basic information about how the planet works and moving through an in-depth look at human societies and three specific environments — polar, ocean, and land. A multitude of full-color photographs enhance Thornhill’s engaging, informative text.
Maple Tree Press
ISBN: 9781897349076

Many Biomes, One Earth
By Sneed B. Collard III
Many Biomes, One Earth takes readers on a colorful adventure through the twelve terrestrial biomes of North and South America. Travel from the icy tundra, where the polar bear makes its home, to the tropical rain forest, the natural home of more than thirty million kinds of insects.
Charlesbridge Publishing
ISBN: 9781570916328

The Earth Book
By Todd Parr
With his signature blend of playfulness and sensitivity, Todd Parr explores the important, timely subject of environmental protection and conservation in this eco-friendly picture book. Featuring a circular die-cut Earth on the cover, and printed entirely with recycled materials and nontoxic soy inks, this book includes lots of easy, smart ideas on how we can all work together to make the Earth feel good - from planting a tree and using both sides of the paper, to saving energy and reusing old things in new ways. Best of all, the book includes an interior gatefold with a poster with tips/reminders on how kids can "go green" everyday. Equally whimsical and heartfelt, this sweet homage to our beautiful planet is sure to inspire readers of all ages to do their part in keeping the Earth happy and healthy.
Hatchette Book Group
ISBN: 9780316042659

Ready, Set, Grow!: A Kid’s Guide to Gardening
By Rebecca Spohn
Practical advice equips children to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers outdoors or indoors in a milk carton or even a paper cup. Readers learn how a seed grows, what tools to use, and how to prepare seedbeds; they learn about transplanting, weeding, watering, and dealing with pests; and they can even follow recipes for turning what they grow into what they eat. Growing instructions are accompanied by glossary terms that build scientific knowledge, "Did You Know" sidebars introducing fascinating facts, "Try This" activity ideas that foster active engagement, "Garden Giggles" to lighten the mood, and reading suggestions that encourage further study. 

The Tiny Seed
By Eric Carle
Eric Carle’s classic story of the life cycle of a flower is told through the adventures of a tiny seed. This mini-book includes a piece of detachable seed-embedded paper housed on the inside front cover. Readers can plant the entire piece of paper and watch as their very own tiny seeds grow into beautiful wildflowers.
Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 1416979174

Planting a Rainbow
By Lois Ehlert
This educational and enjoyable book helps children understand how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and nurture their growth. “The stylized representations of flower species are labeled throughout, allowing young children to get an idea of how each flower type contributes to the rainbow effect.”—Booklist
ISBN: 0152626107

Grow It, Cook It: Simple Gardening Projects and Delicious Recipes
By DK Publishing
Grow It, Cook It is the children's cookbook that starts with the seed of a good idea. More than a cookbook, this innovative book offers a fresh approach to healthy eating by getting children involved in food right from the start. Children will learn that when they eat a carrot, they're biting into a root; salads are made up of leaves; and berries are the fruit and seeds of plants, encouraging an early appreciation of food and its origins. 
DK Publishing
ISBN: 0756633672

Salad People and More Real Recipes: A New Cookbook for Preschoolers and Up
By Mollie Katzen
In the much-anticipated follow-up to Pretend Soup, celebrity chef Mollie Katzen cooks up 20 new vegetarian recipes that kids six and under can prepare themselves (with a little help from their adult assistant). The last decade has seen unprecedented demand in healthy eating for kids. Taking this interest one step further, Mollie Katzen presents kid-friendly recipes that will inspire joyful kitchen adventures and food appreciation. With Salad People, children will enjoy a lifelong love and playful respect for nutritious food from Tiny Tacos, Counting Soup, Salad People, and beyond. Complete with kitchen tips, safety and behavior rules compiled by actual kids, and thoughtful observations on what children gain from cooking, Salad People is the model children's kitchen guide for a new decade. All-new recipes make the perfect companions to Pretend Soup recipes. 
Tricycle Press
ISBN: 1582461414

*Kids Can Cook!: For Kids and Adults Who Love to Cook Together
By Nicola Graimes
Kids Can Cook! is all about cooking together and having lots of fun at the same time. There are over 20 delicious, easy-to-make recipes for you to try, from yummy breakfasts like pancakes to quick after-school snacks such as tasty chicken nuggets; and lots of mouthwatering sweet treats.
Parragon, Inc.
ISBN: 9781407533926

You Are What You Eat and Other Mealtime Hazards
By Serge Bloch
In this deliciously clever follow-up to Butterflies in My Stomach and Reach for the Stars, our young hero and his loyal dog, Roger, tackle another major aspect of life: eating. Mealtime should be a piece of cake, but this finicky eater eats like a bird. And that drives his mom bananas because he really should have three square meals a day. What will happen when he dines at the home of a friend whose mom is a real health nut? Maybe he'll discover that variety is the spice of life!
Sterling Publishing
ISBN: 9781402771309

The Healthy Body Cookbook: Over 50 Fun Activities and Delicious Recipes for Kids
By Joan D’Amico and Karen Eich Drummond
Learning about health and science has never been so fun --and delicious!With more than 50 safe and easy recipes and activities to try, you'll discover tons of scrumptious mysteries. And best of all, you get to eat the results when you're finished! The Healthy Body Cookbook is a delightfully clever smorgasbord of hands-on lessons about the crucial role that diet and exercise play in the development of heart, blood, bones, muscles, skin, teeth, and the nervous and digestive systems. 
ISBN: 0471188883

Why Shouldn’t I Eat Junk Food?
By Kate Knighton, Illustrated by Adam Larkum
This is an informative guide to two of the hottest debates surrounding children today: Junk food and healthy eating. Written in a conversational style, this book offers children an approachable source of information on key subjects such as food 
labeling  the effects of eating too much junk food, the importance of a varied diet and how food is grown.
ISBN: 9780794519537

*Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight for Kids and Teens
By Jodie Shield MEd, RD
In a world of fast food, supersized sodas, and televised temptations, this guide shows how to buck the obesity trend currently in the national spotlight—and have fun doing it. Using a family approach, the book describes eight strategies for managing weight; learning to make good, appealing food choices; staying active; and building better long-term habits for a healthy life. Also included are 44 easy recipes to get readers started.
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
ISBN: 9780983725503

Get Up and Go!
By Nancy Carlson
We all come in different shapes and sizes, and it 
doesn't matter if you are tall, short, skinny, or round. Your body is your own, and you need to take care of it. Vibrant, fun-filled illustrations and an encouraging text explain the many great reasons to exercise, from making new friends to going new places, or just because it’s good for your body. 
ISBN: 9780142410646

Germs Are Not for Sharing
By Elizabeth Verdick, Illustrated by Marieka Heinlen
Achoo! Cough! F-L-U-S-H! What to do? In childcare, in preschool, at home, and everywhere, toddlers need to learn that germs are not for sharing. Rather than focus on what germs are, this book teaches the basics of not spreading them. Child-friendly words and full-color illustrations help little ones stay clean and healthy. Includes tips and ideas for parents and caregivers.
Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 9781575421971

Smoking Stinks!!
By Kim Gosselin, Illustrated by Thom Buttner
Maddie and Alex prepare for their school health report about smoking, and learn from Maddie's grandfather why he started smoking and why he hasn't quit. The story stresses the importance of never using tobacco products and the dangers of passive smoke, particularly to children with asthma and allergies. This book has received positive reviews from the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, and many health care professionals.
JayJo Books Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1891383205

Me and My Amazing Body
By Joan Sweeney, 
Illustrated by Annette Cable
A super-simple introduction to the human body from the author and illustrator of Me on the Map. Easy to read and easy to understand, Me and My Amazing Body helps children appreciate everything their amazing bodies can do.
Random House
ISBN- 0375806237

The Everything Kids’ Environment Book: Learn How You Can help Save the Environment—By Getting Involved At School, At Home, or At Play
By Sheri Amsel
Everything we do has an impact on the world around us--from the clothes we wear and food we eat to the gardens we grow and the trash we throw away. And to take the best care of the earth--and ourselves--it's important to make smart choices. With The Everything Kids' Environment Book, you'll find out what you can do every day to help protect our planet. You'll also learn why the rainforest is so important to us, how animals go extinct, and what environmentalists can tell us about taking good care of our world. Whether you are in the classroom, surfing the Internet, or just hanging out with your friends, you can make a difference. Start today--so our Earth can live another 4.5 billion years!
Adams Media
ISBN: 9781593374488

You Are Helpful
By Todd Snow, Illustrated by Melodee Strong
Children want to be helpful and are eager to become more independent. We see this whenever children insist "I can do it myself!" or "Let me!" This warm, inviting book introduces young children to age-appropriate ways to help out: put their toys away, get dressed by themselves, wait their turn, sit still at the doctor's office. Written in simple words, vividly illustrated with realistic scenes that relate to children's everyday lives, You Are Helpful lets children know they are competent and capable.
Maren Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781934277065

Take Action! A Guide to Active Citizenship
By Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger
Raise awareness. Start a club. Use the media. Make a difference. Get involved. Choose an issue. Build a team. Have fun. Make a difference in your hometown and around the world. Inspired by the vision, spirit, and activities of thousands of kids working to improve the lives of others, Take Action shows how you, too, can change the world. 
ISBN- 0471271322

The Giving Book: Open the Door to A Lifetime of Giving
By Ellen Sabin, Illustrated by Karen Barbas
The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving is truly a gift for young readers ages 6 to 11 -- inspiring, teaching and engaging them to give back to the world. The 64 page, spiral-bound, hardcover book combines colorful illustrations and entertaining narrative with fun learning activities. 
Watering Can
ISBN: 0975986805

The Kid's Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference
By Barbara A. Lewis
This new edition of Free Spirit’s best-selling youth service guide includes a refreshed “Ten Steps to Successful Service Projects” plus hundreds of up-to-date ideas for projects—from simple to large-scale. At a time when U.S. President Barack Obama has called for increased participation in community service, this revitalized book is sure to find a whole new audience of eager young change-makers.
Free Spirit
ISBN: 1575423383

*Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World
By Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger
For everyone who has ever yearned for a better life and a better world, Craig and Marc Kielburger share a blueprint for personal and social change that has the power to transform lives one act at a time. Through inspirational contributions from people from all walks of life and moving stories drawn from more than a decade of their experience as international change-makers, the Kielburgers reveal that a more fulfilling path is ours for the taking when we find the courage to reach out.
Simon and Schuster 
ISBN: 100743298314

*Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World
By Homa Sabet Tavangar
In today’s increasingly interconnected world, how do we prepare our children to succeed and to become happy, informed global citizens? A mother of three, Homa Sabet Tavangar has spent her career helping governments develop globally oriented programs and advising businesses on how to thrive abroad. In Growing Up Global, Tavangar shares with all of us her “parenting toolbox” to help give our children a vital global perspective. 
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 9780345506542

*Our Time Is Now: Young People Changing the World
By International Youth Foundation
"Our Time is Now: Young People Changing the World" tells the stories of more than 30 young people across the world who are taking action to contribute to their local and global communities. The book spotlights the efforts of young leaders who are addressing a host of urgent global challenges: poverty, violence, racism, environmental destruction, and civic apathy, to name only a few. 
ISBN: 0977231909
*Adult guidance/adult-reader


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