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For which age group is the Museum best suited?

Our exhibits and programs are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of ages, interests and developmental stages. Infants and toddlers can enjoy the 3 & Under gallery, where activities revolve around play, movement, art and discovery through the senses. Our World is most appropriate for children over 3 years old and under 8. You can learn more about our different exhibits and programs here.

What are your hours and admission details?

The National Children’s Museum is not currently open to the public. Sign up for our newsletter here to get more information about the reopening. 

Do you accommodate school groups?

Yes! Please click here for more information on reservations, school bus parking and admission. We also have additional information for chaperones and group visits for home-schooled students.

Do you have a cafeteria/snack bar?

The National Children's Museum currently does not have a cafeteria or snack bar. To be mindful of food allergies and keep the Museum clean for our visitors, we do not allow any food products in the Museum. Bottled formula is permitted in the nursing area of the 3 & Under gallery. For families looking for a pre- or post-visit meal or snack, National Harbor is home to many family friendly dining establishments. Museum members can take advantage of exclusive deals and promotions at a variety of National Harbor establishments.

Is there a place to store strollers while visiting the Museum?

Stroller parking at the National Children's Museum is limited. If you must bring a stroller to the Museum, we suggest that visitors use smaller, "umbrella" strollers that are easier to store. Upon arrival, please speak with a Visitor Services Associate who will assist you in parking your stroller.

Can I host my child’s birthday party at the Museum?

Yes! The Museum hosts private playdates, which are great for birthday parties. Reservations are available now. Click here for more information.

What are the benefits of becoming a Museum member?

As a member of the National Children’s Museum, your family will receive access to all of the Museum’s innovative programming, exhibits, special events and discounts for an entire year. You can learn more about our different membership levels and purchase a membership online here

What happened to the Capital Children’s Museum?

After 30 years of serving Washington, D.C. area children and families from its home in northeast Washington, the Capital Children’s Museum (CCM) closed its doors in 2004. When the need was identified for a nationally recognized cultural and educational institution designed especially for children, the United States Congress designated CCM as the National Children’s Museum. Click here to learn more about CCM and NCM’s history. 



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